we want to give a save and cozy home to all who need it
How we can help …
Kitchen Dining place - 50ft²
Living Room - 64ft²
sliding door
bedroom - 50ft²
bath - 25ft²
Children's room - 46ft²
Half doors for better ventilation and communication
Balcony with door into the garden - 30ft²
Room height - 22ft
corridor - 14ft²
Multifunctional room - 90ft²
Bath - 14ft²
Balcony with door into the garden - 30ft²
Room height - 22ft
Half doors for better ventilation and communication
3,94 inches 0,39 inch ultra stable honeycomb bearing system  - 200to payload 10ft² The surface layers are made of mineralized waste wood "STONE-WOOD". This makes the wall extremely resistant to impact   The air trapped in the honeycombs provides good insulation against cold and heat. Another advantage of "STONE-WOOD" panels is their non-flammability. In a house with "STONE-WOOD" panels you are absolutely safe and have the good feeling of living with completely natural materials.
Even our tiny houses are made of  this extremely strong material.  Let's look into the wall  - click here Technique
Operation: Housing-First
The company SOTA-DOMUS SWISS has developed a completely new construction system which is exceptional inexpensive, very stable and extremely durable. We want to use these qualities to give all people in America the opportunity to live in dignity. Certainly not in luxury, but in safe and cosy houses at incredibly low prices. In this video you will see a single house that can also be lived in as a couple and a double the size of a family house. The family house is laid out for 2 children and 2 adults, but has a capacity for up to 8 people for a short period of time. The house prices will start from 38,-$/monthly* *The price depends on the conditions of the communes
Similar to our other modular buildings, these houses can also be joined together in large complexes. It is not only an ideal living space for homeless people, but also for all people who need a cheap affordable apartment, such as students etc.  All different housing groups should be mixed in the houses so that there are no exclusions and subcultures.
The innovative modular construction of the SOTA-DOMUS SWISS makes it possible for everyone who needs a safe and comfortable home to set it up and make it available in the shortest possible time.